At six, Lando came up with the idea of making fleece hats and selling them, calling it "Hats for Cats".   He wanted to do this to help support animals rescues, sanctuaries, and shelters.  Sewing a bunch of fleece hats was quite an undertaking for a six-year-old (of course I am biased), and he is still going strong, he has even added several more products!  Please help Lando support his cause by buying a hat or any of the items Lando makes.

As of August 2, 2022, Lando has several items he sews and sells to raise money for animals (fleece hats, cat eared hats, pet carriers pillows, pet pillow beds, tote bags, face masks, personalized pet bandanas, hot/cold therapy bags, crinkle catnip toys, dog pull toys, and Christmas stockings, Sunflower items to help in Ukraine; he also sells canine cookies and cat crackers).  So far Lando has donated  $10,970 to the five entities he helps (and animals in the Ukraine), and has devoted countless hours to sewing and playing with or socializing cats, as well as helping with adoption events and cleaning cat "condos".

We LOVE animals!